How will it work, you ask?

Each Sunday, you’ll receive an email from me, Kate Arends (in case you didn’t know), highlighting three recipes. After signing up, you will receive a detailed overview explaining how to participate, recommended pantry items and other ingredients to have on hand, a list of kitchen tools we will be using, and a preview of the eight cookbooks we will be featuring each week. 

Week Three

Gjelina by Travis Lett

You can participate in two ways:

  1. Buy the book and cook whatever you want. This works great if you want to set a menu for your friends or you don’t like being told what to do. I won’t take it personally—I don’t like being bossed around either. 😉
  1. You choose 1-3 of the recipes I handpick each week. You can still do this with friends—it’s actually a lot of fun to cook the same dish all together on a Zoom call. It’s fun to do it alone, too.

Virtual Cookbook Club